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Cloud service integration

Integrate iScanX seamlessly with popular cloud services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive, enabling hassle-free upload and secure storage of your scanned documents across multiple devices

Capture photos as high-quality PDF

Transform your photos into professional-grade PDF documents effortlessly, ensuring clarity and detail preservation

Efficient multipage scanning

Accelerate your scanning process by capturing multiple pages in one go, allowing you to manage your documents with ease

Live border detection & correction

Instantly rectify skewed images and align borders accurately in real-time, guaranteeing precise and professional-looking scans

Advanced AI border detection

Elevate your scanning experience with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, which intelligently detects and corrects borders with unparalleled precision and speed

Quadrangle view & cropping

Seamlessly adjust and crop your images with a convenient quadrangle view, similar to renowned note-taking applications, ensuring optimal presentation and readability of your scans

Full-featured photo editor

Unleash your creativity and enhance the visual appeal of your scans using iScanX's comprehensive photo editing tools, including beautiful filters and customizable adjustments

E-sign documents easily

Add a personal touch to your scanned documents by conveniently e-signing them within the app, simplifying the process of signing contracts, agreements, and essential paperwork

OCR text extraction

Effortlessly extract and edit text from your scanned documents using OCR technology, facilitating convenient searching, copying, and sharing of information

Share & print easily

Seamlessly share your scans via email and effortlessly push them to iBooks for convenient access. Additionally, easily print your scans wirelessly using any Wi-Fi printer, ensuring you have hard copies whenever necessary